John Hartford - No End Of Love chords

John Hartford
No End of Love
capo 2

CI'd like to go where you go
F CSee the things you see
CI'd like to hear the sounds you hear
F CBreathe the air you breathe
CI hurt for you in times of pain
F CWhen you smile, things turn right again
C F C G CLove you like there was no end of love, No end of love
G F CWith you I'd like to do things I've done before
G F CBut they have a different meaning now That wasn't there before
G F CIf I started out anew just when I stumbled on to you
C F C G CFor now my dreams divide in two for you no end of love
I'd like to sing the songs you sing Play the games you play I'd like to walk the road you walk And let you lead the way I'd like to get the notes you send Keep you dry in summer's rain Loving you like there's no end No end to love with you Chorus x2
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