John Hiatt – Everybody Went Low chords


Intro: |: D | D | G | G :|

D D G G Well the prize was right there underneath their eyeballs
D D G G When it all came down we were looking for the pitfalls
D D G G Until Junie said: "Baby, better get yourself to going"
D D G G We were so far gone, I had no way of knowing
D Everybody went low
D G Everybody went low
G D D G G Everybody went low
Well, she was pretty as a june bug, jumpy as a nerv end And once she pulled her rug out (???), the tires started swerving Well, I was driving through the living room, driving through the basement Looking for the lowest spot in the pavement CHORUS: Everybody went low Everybody went low Everybody went low Everybody went low BRIDGE:
A G Nothing there to correct you
A G Nothing there to live up to
F# G There's nothing further down
D A Turn it off or turn around
----- SOLO ----- (same chords as verse) Well, I was coming up for air, I heard somebody breating It was Junie Bug praying harder than a heathen But she was smiling like the sole survivor in a lifeboat I said: "If I jump in, Junie, do you think this thing will still float? 'Cause Everybody went low x 9
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