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Date: 06 Aug 95 23:27:51 EDT
From: Rob Keister <>
Subject: TAB:  Crippled Inside, John Lennon

Sun, 6 Aug, 1995

Here'e the way I play "Crippled Inside" by John Lennon.
The words are strictly from memory, not confirmed.

chord fingerings for intro:

C1  032010
C2  xxx553
G2  xx5433
F1  xx3211
F3  xx7565
Bb2 xx8766

Intro: C1 C1 G2 F1 C1 E|-------0--------------------|-------3--1---0------0-------|B|-1-------1---3-----3s5--3---|-1--------------1------1-----|G|---0---0-------0------------|---0---4--2-------0----------|D|-2-----------3-----3s5--3---|-2---------------------------|A|----------------------------|--------------3--------------|E|----------------------------|-----------------------------|
F1 C2 F3 Bb2 F3 C2 F1 G2E|-1-----3-----5-----6----|-5-----3-----1----------3--------|B|---1-----5-----6-----6--|---6-----5-----1-----------3-----|G|-2-----5-----5-----7----|-5-----5-----2-----2s4-----------|D|------------------------|---------------------------------|A|------------------------|---------------------------------|E|------------------------|---------------------------------|
C C7E|---0------0------0----0--|---0------------0-----|B|---1------1------1----1--|---1------------1-----|G|---0------0------0----0--|---0------------3-----|D|---2------2------2----2--|---2---0--1--2--2-----|A|-3-------------3---------|-3--------------3-----|E|--------3-----------3----|----------------------|
C A7E|---0------0------0----0--|----------------0-----|B|---1------1------1----1--|----------------2-----|G|---0------0------0----0--|----------------0-----|D|---2------2------2----2--|----------------2-----|A|-3-------------3---------|-3--3--2--1--0--0-----|E|--------3-----------3----|----------------------|
D G G7 CE|---2------2-----3-----1---|----0-----0--------------------|B|---3------3-----0-----0---|----1-----1--------------------|G|---2------2-----0-----0---|----0-----0--------------------|D|-0--------0-----0-----0---|----2-----2--------------------|A|--------0-------2-----2---|--3-----------3--3--2--1--0----|E|--------------3-----3-----|--------3----------------------|
You can shine your shoes and wear a suit You can comb your hair and look quite cute You can wear a collar and a tie One thing you can't hide Is when you're crippled inside You can wear a mask and paint your face You can call yourself the human race You can hide your face behind a smile One thing you can't hide Is when you're crippled inside Middle eight: Well now you A A7 Know that a cat has nine lives, babe. D G C G Nine lives to itself. C But you only got one C And a dogs life ain't fun C G7 C Mama take a look outside You can go to church and sing a hymn Judge me by the color of my skin You can live a lie 'till you die One thing you can't hide Is when you're crippled inside [Repeat middle eight] You can go to church and sing a hymn Judge me by the color of my skin You can live a lie 'till you die One thing you can't hide Is when you're crippled inside One thing you can't hide Is when you're crippled inside [slowly] Oh, I say you can't hide When you're crippled inside Outro: C F Adim G G6 C7 EADGBE ------ C 032010 F 133211 Adim 001212 G 320001 G6 320000 C7 032310 +-------------------------+ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|Rob Keister | / T/ A / G/ C / T/ A / A/ T |Forensic Scientist | G C\ \ C G\ \ T A\ \ G C\ \ T A|| / / A T/ / T A/ / A T/ / C G/ /+-------------------------+A T \_G\_C \_C\_G \_G\_C \_C\_G
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