John Mark Mcmillan - My Only tab version 1

John Mark McMillan
My Only
From "Hope Anthology Volume 1"

**To get a different sound for the rhythm guitar, you could try playing this 
capo 7 in the C position (hit transpose up 5 half steps to get the chords).** 

Here it is in standard G position, no capo.

Intro x2: 
G - D/F# - A 

Verse 1
G        D/F#   A                         G              D/F#             A
All day long,    we are sinking just like stones into the shadow of Your kindness
G        D/F#   A                              G              
In this shade,    between the wingspan of Your face is
         D/F#                A
the only place where we can bed these burdens down (so I)

Bm7     A         G                Bm7       A         G 
Lift my   eyes up   to the heav'ns...  Who is   gonna      help me now?

Em7       D/F#  G         A     G         A    G
You're my only, You're my only, You're my only hope


Verse 2
G      D/F#   A                      G           D/F#             A
Tangled up,    in the great ridiculous, way You love. It is the only way to live.
G           D/F#   A                              G              
There's no escape,   when You look at me that way
                D/F#          A
Staring  like a deer into the headlights of Your praises (so I)

Pre - Chorus

Chorus 2
Em7       D/F#  G         A     G         A     G
You're my only, You're my only, You're my only hope
G          A   Bm7         E7     G         A    Bm7
You're my only, You're my only, You're my only hope

        G             D/F#     A
and You come like the sun with pockets full of redemption
         G            D/F#           A
and You come with the sun, with the sun

Main riffe|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------10--------------------10-----------|G|---------11~~~-----------11~~~---------------------------------------|D|--9--12--------------12--------------11h12-11~~~--11h12-----12-11----|A|-----------------12--------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
or this position may work better since all the notes can ringe|----------------------------5---------------5------------------------|B|--------7~~~---------7~~~--------------------------------------------|G|-----7------------7-----------6h7-6~~~--6h7----7-6-------------------|D|--9------------7-----------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
This is the backbone of the entire song. Play around with some lead parts during the verses in the D scale and get creative! Chad Miller
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