John Mark Mcmillan - Daylight chords

John Mark McMillan
From the upcoming album "Economy"
Tabbed by: Chad Miller

Capo 6
Am - F - C - G

Verse 1
Am F C GDaylight comes to meet you on the road
Am F C Glike a prodigal son, a prodigal hope that
Am F C G you gave up on, when you were young
Am F C Gbut daylight is coming on
Am F C G Am F C GWe live on the edge, on the edge of a darkness
Am F C G Am F We live on the edge, on the edge of a darkness
C G but daylight is coming on
Intro Verse 2
Am F C GHeaven bends up for the naked and the poor
Am F C Gto settle up a debt, to settle up a score
Am F C Gto set up a table on the edge of a war
Am F C Gcause we've been bleeding on the edge of the sword
Chorus Intro
Bridge (Am all the way through once, then back to Am - F - C - G)The boardwalk is painted red with the blood of
a thousand prospective heroes but one who rides out beyond of the grave and the flood where the blackest abyss is, but cannot overcome Chorus If you have any input or corrections, check out my blog for more info and let me know if you have any songs you need help with. God bless!
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