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John Mayer – Sucker tab

Sucker (John Mayer) 
Transcribed by Catherine Gagné (


e---7b--7b------ -----------------------b---8b--8b------ ------9-----9--12---5--g-----------9--- ------9-----9--11---7--d--------------- ------9-----9---9---7--a--------------- -----------------------e--------------- ---0-----0----------7--
Part 1 Verse
e-------------------0------0------------------- b---9--12--12----5------5----------9----------- g---9--11--11----7------7----------9----------- d---9---9---9----7------7----------9---(etc..)- a---------------------------------------------- e---0---0--------7------7-------0--0-----------
Part 2
Part 3
e----------------------------------------9------------------- b---4--5--4--5----9---9----4--5--4--5---10---9---4------5--4- g---4--4--4--4----9--11----4--4--4--4----9---9---4------4--4- d---2--2--2--2----9---9----2--2--2--2---11---9---4----4------ a---0--0--0--0----x---x----0--0--0--0----9--11---2--2-------- e-----------------0--10--------------------------------------
* You can replace (x0244x) and (x0245x) by (x0744x) and (x0745x). My chords (A) are not accurate. Part 4
e-------------------------------------- b---9---9---9---------9---9----2---5--- g---9--11--10--------11--10----2---6--- d---9---9---9-----9-------9----2---7--- a---x---x---x-------------------------- e---0--10---9---9---------9----2---7---
Part 5
e---------------0-------------------------- b---3---2---5---0---3-----10--10---3---5--- g---4---3---7---1---5-----12--11---3---6--- d---3---2---7---0---5-----10--10---3---7--- a---x---x---x---2---x--------------x---x--- e---3---2---7---0---5---10---------3---7--- ***
* You can replace (10x101210) and (10x101110x) by (xx0585) and (xx0575) *** I only have one recording of this song so it's hard to say but I think he's playing:
e---------------------- b---3--3--3---2--2--2-- g---4--4--4---3--3--3-- d---5--3--3---4--2--2-- a---------------------- e---3--3------2--2-----
Part 6
e------------------------------------ b---2---5---4---7----2---5----------- g---2---6---4---8----2---6----------- d---2---7---4---9----2---7---(...)--- a---x---x---x---x----x---x----------- e---2---7---4---9----2---7-----------
Intro (1) Sometimes I wish that I was the weather you'd bring me up in conver (2) sation forever and when it rained I'd be the talk of the day (1) Sometimes I wish that I was a cold beer I'd rest assured that you would ho (2) ld me near you I'd be guaranteed to be just what you need (3) And there could be no other way cause you're so vain Your tired words are all the same (4) I would surely walk away if I wasn't such a sucker for you (1) Sometimes I wish that I was a bong hit You'd let me in and (2) love every minute and tell the room the things I did to you (3) And there could be no other way cause you're so vain Your tired words are all the same (4) I would surely walk away if I wasn't such a sucker for you (5) I see your world with rosy colored glasses on what a right would i see wrong I could never have that power over you (1) Someday I'm gonna pack up and leave this town I'm gonna get my (2) own place going on and when I do I'll forget about how (3) you're so lame your tired words are all the same I would walk, you know I'd away if I (6) wasn't such a sucker for you I wasn't such a sucker for you I wasn't such a sucker for you
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