John Mayer – Vultures Acoustic tab

John Mayer – Vultures

Tabbed by Adam D.

This is a great catchy tune off the Continuum record. The other tabs for this song are 
but this tab is for those of us without a full band behind us and play on acoustic.

* = slap the strings with your thumb
I play this song without a pick and use all fingers on my right hand. Don’t be afraid to 
a nice jazz groove going on…:)

T = get your thumb on that E string

Intro / Verse

F#m - C#m7 F#m C#m7 C#m7 ……(repeat)e|--------4-----------------------4-4---------------------4--------------------4-4--|B|-2------5------------2----------5-5----------2----------5-----------2--------5-5--|G|-2------4------------2----------4-4----------2----------4-----------2--------4-4--|D|-4-------------------4-----------------------4----------------------4-------------|A|------0-4---------------------0-4-4-------------------0-4------------------0-4-4--|E|-2--------------0-2-----------------------0-2----------------------0-2------------| * * * * * * *
Chorus A B (repeat)e|---------4-----------4-4----------------------------------------|B|-5-------5-----5-----5-5--------7------9-9-------7-------9-9----|G|-6-------------6----------------8------9-9-------8-------9-9----|D|-7-------------7----------------9----------------9--------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------------|E|-5----0-5------5-----5-5------0-7------7-7-------7-------7-7----| * T * *T T * * * *
Verse 1 F#m – C#m7, F#m - C#m7- C#m7 Some of us, We're hardly ever here The rest of us, we're born to disappear How do I stop myself from Being just a number How will I hold my head To keep from going under Chorus A Down to the wire I wanted water but B I'll walk through the fire If this is what it takes A To take me even higher Then I'll come through B Like I do When the world keeps Testing me, testing me, testing me Verse 2 How did they find me here What do they want from me All of these vultures hiding Right outside my door I hear them whisperin They're tryin to ride it out Cause they've never gone this long Without a kill before Chorus (feel free to rock out a nice solo in C#m) Verse 3 Wheels up I got to leave this evening Can't seem to shake these vultures Off of my trail Power is made, by power being taken So I keep on running To protect my situation Chorus (play verse/intro guitar part until fade out) Oooooooooooo Oooooooooooo Oooooooooooo Oooooooooooo Whatcha gunna do about it Whatcha gunna do about it Whatcha gunna do about it Don't give up give up Don't give up give up give up Don't give up give up give up
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