John Mayer - Edge Of Desire tab

Edge of Desire - John Mayer 
Album: Battle Studies

OK guys this is my version of how i think John plays it. 
I think its pretty close, if anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment.
Im not entirely sure about the very last part of the Intro/Verse, but i think its virtually there.
This is an amazing song,listen the song to get the timing of the picking right, 
its pretty straight forward! Good Luck!


Amaj7e |------------------------|B |--------0---------2-0---|G |----1-----1-----1-----1-|D |--2---2-------2---------|A |0-----------0-----------|E |------------------------|x2
Dmaj7e |--------0---------2-0---|B |----2-----2-----2-----2-|G |--2---2-------2---------|D |0-----------0-----------|A |------------------------|E |------------------------|x2
Bm7e |------------------------|B |--------3---------2-3---|G |----2-----2-----2-----2-|D |--4---4-------4---------|A |2-----------2-----------|E |------------------------|
Ee |----5---4---------------|B |------------3--3-2------|G |-------------------4-2--|D |------------------------|A |--2---------------------|E |0-----0---0-------------|
Amaj7e |------------------------|B |--------0---------2-0---|G |----1-----1-----1-----1-|D |--2---2-------2---------|A |0-----------0-----------|E |------------------------|x2
Whole thing repeats. Chrous There is a picking pattern in the Chorus but i havnt figured it out yet, it's a bit hard to hear, its just these chords played interchangeably. I just strum them, sounds ok to me: "Dont say a word.." "..with me" Dmaj7 then A/Asus
0r ande |------0----2---------0-----0-----|B |------2----2---------2-----3-----|G |------2----2---------2-----2-----|D |------0----0---------2-----2-----|A |---------------------0-----0-----|E |---------------------------------|
Bridge thing after Second Chorus: A F#m D A A F#m D E F#m D A A This Riff is played throughout: Riff 1
e |------------------------|B |2-3-5-3-2---2-3-5-3-2---|G |----------2-----------2-|D |------------------------|A |------------------------|E |------------------------|
Back to Chorus: Dmaj7 then A/Asus
0r 0re |------2----0---------0----0-----|B |------2----2---------2----3-----|G |------2----2---------2----2-----|D |------0----0---------2----2-----|A |---------------------0----0-----|E |--------------------------------|
Riff 1 is played throughout this last chorus and through to the end of the song along with this Riff also: Riff 2
e |4-5-4-0---0-4-5-4-0---0-|B |--------0-----------0---|G |------------------------|D |------------------------|A |------------------------|E |------------------------|
Any feedback, leave a comment! Thanks.
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