John Mayer - Love Is A Verb chords version 1

Love is a verb
Tabbed by Rocio

This is how JMayer plays Love is a verb. It's not so complicated, so have a go at it!
I think the tab is 100% accurate. Don't forget to rate, comment... :)


Chords(for the entire song)**:
E A B Ae|----------------------------------------|B|---9-------9-------7-------9------------|G|---9-------9-------8-------9------------|D|---9-------11------9-------9------------|A|---9/11----0-------x-------9/11---------|E|---0-------9-------7-------0------------|
** There are some little parts in the song when he adds a new chord. Check it out:
E A B C#me|----------------------------------------|B|---9-------9-------7/9-----9------------|G|---9-------9-------8-------9------------|D|---9-------11------9-----9/11-----------|A|---9/11----0-------x-----9/11-----------|E|---0-------9-------7-------9------------|
E ALove is a verb
B EIt ain't a thing
E A It's not something you own
B EIt's not something you scream
E AWhen you show me love,
B C#mI don't need your words**
E AYeah, love ain't a thing
B ALove is a verb
E ALove ain't a thing
B ELove is a verb
E A B C#m E A B E
E ALove ain't a crush
B EIt ain't an excuse
E ANo, you can't get through love
B EOn just a pile of I.O.U.s
E ALove ain't a drug
B C#mDespite what you've heard**
E AYeah, love ain't a thing
B ELove is a verb
E ALove ain't a thing
B ELove is a verb
E ASo you gotta show show show me
B E show show show me
E AShow show show me
B EThat love is a verb
E A Yeah, you gotta show show show me
B C#mshow show show me**
E AShow show show me
B EThat Love is a verb
E ALove ain't a thing
B ELove is a verb
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