John Mayer – Im Gonna Find Another You chords ver. 3

You gotta hang around with the chords, and use different shapes.It's not just strumming 
in the same progression

AIt's really over
A7you made your stand
Bm7you got me cryin'
D#m°as was your plan
A F#9 BmBut when my loneliness is through
E79b I'm gonna find another you
Ayou take your sweaters
Ayou take your time
Ayou might have your reasons
Abut you will never have my rhymes
A F#m Bm7I'm gonna sing my way away from blue
E79b AI'm gonna find another you
Bm F#mWhen I was your lover
Bm F#mNo one else would do
Bm F#mIf I'm forced to find another,
B7I hope she looks like you
EYeah and she's nicer too
ASo go on baby
Amake your little get away
Amy pride will keep me company
Aand you just gave yours all away
A F#moh, now im gonna dress myself for two
Bm7 E79bonce for me and once for someone new
C#m7 F#mI'm gonna do some things you wouldn't let me do
Bm7 E79b I'm gonna find another you
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