John Mayer – Queen Of California tab

This is the intro to the studio version snippet available to hear on iTunes c;
The song is amazing and I can't wait for a full studio version on Born and Raised!

Tabbed by Bob Barlag!
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Capo on 4th;

The chords to the other parts of the song are, relative to the capo; C (x32010) (sounds like E), Am7 (x02010) (sounds like C#m7) & D (2x0232) (sounds like G) C "Im heading out west with my headphones on," "Looking for the song that Neil Young hung," Am7 "boarding a flight with a song in the back of my soul." "after the goldrush of 1971." D "I just found out her ghost left town," C (Lick #1) "the Queen of California is a steppin' down, down." Lick #1:
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