John Michael Montgomery – I Can Love You Like That chords

A C#m D E

AThey read you Cinderella,
C#mYou hoped it would come true,
DThat one day your prince charming,
Ewould come, rescue you.
AYou like romantic movies,
C#mYou never could forget,
D EThe way you felt when romeo kissed Juliet,
Bm DAnd all this time that you've been waiting,
Bm D EYou don't have to wait no more.
Chorus start
AI can love you like that,
F#mI would make you my world,
DMove heaven and earth,
EIf you were my girl,
AI would give you my heart,
F#mBe all that you need,
D EShow you you're everything that's precious to me,
Bm EIf you give me a chance,
AI can love you like that
Chorus end C#m D E
AI never make a promise,
C#mI don't intend to keep,
DSo when I say forever,
EForever's what I mean.
AI'm no Cassanova,
C#mAnd what I say is true,
DI'll be holding nothing back,
EWhen it comes to you.
You dream of love that's everlasting, Well baby open up your eyes. Repeat chorus
G DYou want tenderness, I got tenderness
ATo see you through, to the heart of you
G DIf you want a man, who can understand,
EYou don't have to look very far
Repeat chorus
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