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John Nathaniel – Everything I Am chords

Everything I Am
by John Nathaniel

hey guys, so here's my version of this amazing song by John Nathaniel
get to know him!
he's awesome!

F#m-D A-E

F#m Dwell i can't believe my eyes
A Eis there anybody standing here?
F#m Dtell me am i blind?
A Eis there anything i'm missing out?
F#m Dwhat's this all about?
A Eis there anything i could have said
F#m Dso you can stay in here
A Ewe could slowly dance and maybe just
Ddrift away
F#m D'cause i'm giving you everything i am
A E Di just figured out i'm halfway there
F#m D'cause i'm giving you everything you need
A E Di just figured out i'm halfway there
(same as first verse) there are weaks and those who try is there any truth between the lines tell me, am i out of line? 'cause there's only you that makes me shine now this is who i am is there anything i should have been? well, this is who i wanna be we could take this moment and we could drift away chorus
F#m D A Eyou come and you go though i'm burning when you're here
F#m D A Eyou laugh and you breathe you're a human mystery
F#m D A Ei'm standing here but i'll be moved by you
D so i'm giving you, giving you
E everything i am
F#m-D A-E chorus
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