John Phillips - Mississippi chords

			     Mississippi - John Phillips

Tabbed by: Thomas Kingsley
Tuning: Standard

Part 1 (first half of song)e|----0-----1-----|-----3-----|B|----1-----1-----|-----3-----|G|----0-----2-----|-----0-----|D|----2-----3-----|-----x-----|A|----3-----x-----|-----x-----|E|----------------|-----3-----|
Part 2 (middle of song)e|----5-----1-----0-----5----|B|----5-----1-----0-----5----|G|----5-----1-----1-----5----|D|----7-----3-----2-----7----|A|----7-----3-----2-----7----|E|----5-----1-----0-----5----| 1x
Part 3 (second half of song)e|----2-----3-----|-----x-----|B|----3-----3-----|-----2-----|G|----2-----0-----|-----2-----|D|----0-----x-----|-----2-----|A|----x-----x-----|-----0-----|E|----------3-----|-----------|
D G A Lyrics Early in the mornin', she hitched a ride down to Louisville Holdin' onto a hundred dollar bill Dressed herself like a Cajun Queen in New Orleans, baby Yeah, she looked good, like a lady And the Mississippi River runs like molasses in the summertime And me, you know, I don't hardly mind Sippin' on a beer in Bourbon Street and I'm sittin' easy Don't get me wrong, it takes a lot to please me Have a seat an' take a load off your feet, and she said "Yes" So I said, "I like your dress" Swamps all around make ya feel kinda funny, don't they, honey She crossed her legs and looked at me funny Down on the bayou, why, you never know just what you're doin'
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