John Prine - Long Monday chords

                                Tabbed by Brock Horner
                                       Capo III

G    C
G    C
G    D
C    G

Verse 1
G C GYou and me sittin' in the back of my memory
G C GLike a honey bee Buzzin round a glass of sweet Chablis
D C G Radio's on Windows rolled up And my mind's rolled down
D C GHeadlights shining Like silver moons Rollin on the ground
Verse 2
G C G We made love in every way love can be made
G C G And we made time look like time Could never fade
D C GFriday Night We both made the guitar hum
D C DSaturday made Sunday feel Like it would never come
GGonna be a long Monday
CSittin' all alone on a mountain
GBy a river that has no end
GGonna be a long Monday
DStuck like the tick of a clock
C GThat's come unwound again
Break: G C G C G D C G
G C GSoul to soul heart to heart and cheek to cheek
G C GCome on baby give me a kiss that'll last all week
D C GThe thought of you leavin' again Brings me down
D C DThe promise of Your sweet love Brings me around
(Repeat Chorus) Break: G C G C G D C G Tabbed from John Prine Live @ Roanoke Coliseum 2/21/2009
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