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John Prine – Other Side Of Town tab

		   Other Side of Town - John Prine

Tabbed by: Dave S.
Email: Dlgibson@netscape.com

Tuning: Standard

Artist: John Prine
Album: Fair & Square
Year: 2005

D    A    D
D    G    A   D

D                              A
Why do you always seem to criticize me
Seems like everything I do just turns out wrong
Why don't you come on out and despise me
           A                           D
So I could pack my bag and baby I'd be gone

D                                 A
Remember when you used to call me honey
I'd turn around and call you honey too
You might think it's a joke, but it ain't funny
        A                             D
To hurt someone who's so in love with you

D                            A
A clown puts his makeup on upside down
So he wears a smile even when he wears a frown
You might think I'm here when you put me down
    A                         D
But actually I'm on the other side of town.

D                                    A
My body's in this room with you just catching hell
While my soul is drinking beer down the road a spell
You might think I'm listening to your grocery list
        A                                    D
But I'm leaning on the jukebox and I'm about half ... way there

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

D                             A
I'm sittin' on a chair just behind my ear
Playing dominoes and drinking some ice cold beer
When you get done talking I'll come back downstairs
      A                                       D
And assume the body of the person you presume who cares

(Repeat Chorus)

     A                            D
I'm across the river on the other side of town
      A                     D
In my mind I'm on the other side of town
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