John Prine - The Hobo Song tab

			 The Hobo Song - John Prine

Tabbed by: Dave S.

Tuning: Standard (CAPO 2nd Fret)

Artist: John Prine
Album: Bruised Orange
Year: 1978

D  A  D

            D          G                D
There was a time, when lonely men would wander;
             A                       D 
Through this land, rolling endlessly along.
        D           G                  D
So many times, I've heard of their sad stories;
D              A                   D
Written in the words of dead men's songs.

                 D           G                    D
Down through the years, many men have yearned for freedom.
     A                         D
Some found it only on the open road.
        D        G                  D
So many tears of blood have filled around them;
                       A               D
'Cause you can't alway do what you are told.

               D           G             D
Please tell me where, have all the hobos gone to.
   A                               D              A
I see no light burning down by the rusty railroad tracks.
         D        G                 D
Could it be, that time has gone and left them,
                   A                 D
Tied up in life's eternal travelling sack.

(Repeat Intro)

     D               G                    D
Last Sunday night, I wrote a letter to my loved one.
            A                             D
I signed my name and knew I'd stayed away too long.
            D            G                 D
There was a time when my heart was free to wander.
                  A                D
And I remember as I sing this hobo song.

(Repeat Chorus)
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