John Sebastian – How Have You Been chords

How Have You Been-By John Sebastian

D C G DHow have you been my darling children
C G DWhile I have been away in the west
C G DThought you are strangers I feel as I know you
Gby the way that you treat me and offer to feed me
D Em A7and eagerly ask if I’ll stay for a rest
(D)Now sit yourself (C)down in A (G)pile here me
I wish I had (C)presents for (G)each of your(D) smiles But I have been (C)traveling with (G)not much to(D) carry Just a (G)broken guitar case with tape on the side a bag and a (D)few signs to help me rides(Em7) (A7) (D)But here are the(C) beads from the(G) throat of a(D) princess who reigned in the(C) years round two(G) hundred B(D)C Divide them and (C)wear them and (G)make sure to (D)share them cause I(G) want you to have them in hopes that you’ll be as lovely as the lady (D)who them to me(Em7) (A7) (D)And here is A (C)strange Euro(G)pean guitar (D)string I found on the (C)floor of a (G)club in Marse(D)illes It’s fat for the (C)third string and (G)skinny for the (D)fourth string but I (G)kept in hopes that id use it someday it funny how people just (D)do things that way(Em7) (A7) (D)And here is A (C)turtle from the (G)Long Island Express(D)way He says that his (C)home has been (G)covered with (D)tar so I gave him a (C)ride on the (G)back of my (D)suitcase and he (G)says that he’d like to stay here in your yard At long last his (D)life won’t quite so hard (Em7) (A7) (D)How have you (C)been my (G)darling (D)children While I have (C)been A(G)way in the(D) west Thought you are (C)strangers I (G)feel as I (D)know you by the(G) way that you treat me and offer to feed me and eagerly ask if I’ll (D)stay a rest(Em7) (A7)
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