Johnny Cash - Bird On A Wire tab

Song Title:Bird On A Wire
Artist:The Legendary Johnny Cash
Album:American Recordings

CAPO ON THE 1st FRET!!!!! Standard Tuning
       E         C               E         A
Like A Bird On A Wire,Like A Drunk In A Midnite Choir
       E         C       E  C
I Have Tried In My Ways
       E         C       E                  A               
Like A Fish on A Hook,Like A Knight In Some Old Fashioned Book
       E           C                    E
I Have Saved All My Ribbons For Thee
       A                       E           Gm                        C
And If I, If I have Been Unkind, I Just Hope u will let it go by
       A                        E           Gm                       C
And If i, If I Have Been Untrue, I hope u know it was never to u

Like A Baby Still Born, Like A Beast With His Horn
I have Thorn Everyone Who Reached Out To me
But I Swear By this Song And By all That I Have Done Wrong
I'll Make It All Up to Thee

I Saw A Young Man Leaning On his Wooden Crutch
He Called Out To me Don't Ask For So Much
And A young woman Leanin In Her Darkened Door
She cried Out To me Why Not ask For more

Like A bird On a Wire, Like A Drunk In A Midnite Choir
I Have Tried In my Ways To Be FREE
End on E


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