Johnny Cash – Oh Lonesome Me chords

Key Of Bb, just put a capo on the first fret. 
and play Bb with A fingering and Eb as D, F is E

          "Oh Lonesome Me" By johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two

verse 1:
Bb FEverybody's going out and having fun
Bb FI'm just a fool for staying home and having none
Eb Bb F BbI can't get over how she set me free oh____ lonesome me
verse 2:
Bb FA bad mistake I'm making by just hanging round
Bb FI know that I should have some fun and paint the town
Eb Bb F BbA lovesick fool is blind and just can't see oh___ lonesome me
{Solo here.} Bridge:
FI'll bet she's not like me she's out and fancy free
F BbShe's flirtin' with the boys with all her charms
F But I still love her so and brother don't you know
F BbI'd welcome her right back here in my arms
last verse:
Bb FWell there must be some way I can lose these lonesome blues
Bb FForget about the past and find somebody new
Eb Bb F BbI've thought of everything from A to Z oh___ lonesome me
F Bboh__ lonesome me
and thats all! if requested i can update this with the solo! key of B flat! really fun and easy song to play and a great song as well! hope this helps! -Bert
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