Johnny Cash – Down There By The Train chords

(slow strumming)

D D7 G DThere's a place I know where the train goes slow
D7 G AWhere the sinner can be washed in the blood of the lamb
D D7 G DThere's a river by the trestle down by sinner's grove
D7 A7 G DDown where the willow and the dog - wood grow
G D G DYou can hear the whistle, you can hear the bell
D7 G A7From the halls of heaven to the gates of hell
G D A7 DAnd there's room for the forsaken if you're there on time
D7 GYou'll be washed of all your sins and all of your crimes ...if you're...
(start alternating bass/thumbpicking) Chorus:
DDown there by the train
A7Down there by the train
DDown there by the train
GDown there by the train
D A7 DDown there where the train goes slow
D D7 G DThere's a golden moon that shines up through the mist
D D7 G A7And I know that your name can be on that list
D D7 G DThere's no eye for an eye, there's no tooth for a tooth
D D7 A7 GI saw Judas Iscariot carrying John Wilkes Booth... he was...
D D7 G DIf you've lost all your hope, if you've lost all your faith
D D7 G A7I know you can be cared for and I know you can be safe
D D7 G DAnd all the shamefuls and all of the whores
D7 A7 GAnd even the soldier who pierced the side of the Lord
D D7 G DWell, I've never asked forgiveness and I've never said a prayer
D7 G A7Never given of myself, never truly cared
D D7 G DI've left the ones who loved me and I'm still raising Cain
D7 A7 GI've taken the low road and if you've done the same... meet me...
chorus x2
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