Johnny Flynn – Shore To Shore chords

C F CShore to shore got some land between
C F C Island life is living through a cup of broken queens
Dm F hit the jackpot rolling through a pipe dream in a knot
A F C and I'm missing what was pissing up the wall that I forgot
G I forgot
F I forgot
Am - G - C - F - Am - G - C
C F CI am the masked rider, give me some grace
C F CYou've never seen me and you don't know my face
Dm F She was no [Incomprehensible] it was cold, it was blue
A F C And it only happened despite me or you
G F Me or you, me or you
C F CSmoking paper to the crimson flashing bars
C F CDrinking cocktail wine or cottage cream and passing strangers' cars
Dm F Live in one room housing with a roof to meet the sky
A F C Spelling Jesus won't you please us 'cos you seem a damn nice guy
G F Damn nice guy, damn nice guy
C F CWe listened to passengers stamping old songs
C F CAnd we lose what's to lose when you haven't done wrong
Dm F Drums too slow for a funeral beat
A F C No strumming of strings and no stamping of feet
G F Of feet, of feet
C F CIt's awfully considerate of you to think of me
C F CAnd it's not so hard to see you smoking fags and drinking tea
Dm F It's the crummy lost at seasick with a floating on the waves
A F C To join the other flotsam with the ripped up queens and knaves
G F Queens and knaves, queens and knaves
C F CThere lies a lady, she's gone and she's gone
C F CShe'll be a fine lady before too long
Dm F But I hit her head and she finished her walking
A F C She shouldn't be dead, she was too busy talking
G F Busy talking, busy talking
C F CThey can fill a cup or two and still disturb the peace
C F CIt's never made it all the way from shore to shore, from west to east
Dm F I read that independence was a lightness in your step
A F C You walked away, I felt so heavy at the start of every day
G F Every day, every day
C F CI've been waiting an hour and the bus hasn't come
C F CI've been cursing my God for the lack of the sun
Dm F I've been ruined by destiny, lowered by fate
A F C And the upshot of this is I'm going to be late
G F To be late, to be late
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