Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains – Skaggy chords


Intro: Em, Cadd9

Em Ci smoke like a machine gun, my best friends got one cause why not
Em Am Gthere aint enough time on the planet for all the cigarettes and bullets were planning
(faster strum and barre chords only): Em, D, C
Em D Cand sometimes he looks like he really might use it and thats alright
Em Cweve got two trains til dope zone and to the stitches, a stiff pair of court dates with
a case of the snitches
Em Am Gwe got habits so we cant afford life eating food and sleeping indoors yeah
Intro: Em, Cadd9
Em Cwe were just driving around heading anywhere but this town
Emwhy not? you gotta keep rocking cause
Am Gin the silence the drugs to the talking
(faster strum and barre chords only): Em, D, C
Em D Cand they aint had much to say, no they havent been saying much these days
Emso if you know what im saying then just sing it with me
Cive done things for which i wont be forgiven
Em"and I know they're sorry, it won't get your house back"
Am Gi try to say that but i just cant
Intro: Em, Cadd9
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