Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains – Only Two Of My Best Friends Are Actual People tab

Only Two of My Best Friends Are Actual People
Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains

If anyone knows the high parts played later in the song post them in the comments 
and I can add it to the tab. 

Tuning: Standard e|------------------|B|------------------|G|------99------66--| Intro/Slow Break (same chords just very different timings.)D|--77--99--99--66--|A|--77--77--99--44--|E|--55------77------|
e|------------------|B|------------------|G|------------------| VerseD|--777777---99999--|A|--777777---99999--|E|--555555---77777--|
e|-------------------------------|B|----------6666-----------------|G|----------6666-----------------| ChorusD|--7--2----4444---7--2----9999--|A|--7--2-----------7--2----9999--|E|--5--0-----------5--0----7777--|
e|----------------------|B|----------------------|G|-------999-------666--| BreakD|--777--999--999--666--|A|--777--777--999--444--|E|--555-------777-------|
Intro x1 Verse x4 Chorus x2 Break x4 Verse x4 Chorus x2 Break x4 Verse x4 Chorus x2 Slow Break x4 Chorus x2 End on first chord played.
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