Johnny Reid – Time Flies chords

Time Flies
Johnny Reid

D BmBaby is born, mama cries
A GShe sees a glimpse of his daddy there in his eyes
D BmTake him home and watch him sleep
A GStand and wonder who he's gonna be
Em AThen it's Tonka trucks and baseball gloves
Em AThen his first kiss and his first love
Em AOh the innocence just don't last
G AOur dreams that I feel just go by so fast
D BmMountains move,rivers run
A GShadows fall with the setting sun
D BmThunder rolls and lightning strikes
A G BmThe darkness covers and swallows up the light...and time flies
An old man sits alone Trying hard to remember but his memory's is gone Upon the wall trapped under glass inside a frame Hangs a picture of couple on their wedding day She looks in his eyes, the world looks great His life was full of color but colors fade away Chorus
A We all laugh and we all cry
Em We all live and we all die
G A But through it all and in bet ween
D BmTime flies
A GTime flies
D BmTime flies
A GTime flies
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