Johnson Robert – Sweet Home Chicago tab

From: (Stuart Christopherson)
Subject: "Sweet Home Chicago" by Robert Johnson

Sweet Home Chicago
by Robert Johnson

Johnson recorded this tune in the key of F#.  His guitar is standard 
tuning, and capoed at the second fret.  The transcription is in E to 
match his fingerings.


/ = denotes slide

* = denotes bending one quarter step

                 E6/C#        C(no 5th)      E7/B    B7/F#

Oh - ah. Baby don't you want to go? E E6 E7/5 E7/6 A5 A6 A7 A6 E E6 E5 E6
Oh - oh. Baby don't you want to go? E E6 E5 E6 A5 A6 A7 A6 A7 A6 A7 A6
Back to the land E E6 E7 E6 E E6 E5 E6
of California to my sweet home Chicago B/F# B N.C. E5 E7 Edim7 Am
E B7
Ending N.C. E5/B E7 E6 C(no 5th) E5/B E7
Oh - baby, don't you want to go? Oh - baby, don't you want to go? Back to the land of California - to my sweet home Chicago. Oh - baby, don't you want to go? Oh - baby, don't you want to go? Back to the land of California - to my sweet home Chicago. Now one and one is two - two and two is four. I'm heavy loaded baby - I'm booked I got to go. Cryin baby - honey don't you want to go? Back to the land of California - to my sweet home Chicago. Now two and two is four - four and two is six. You goin keep on monkeying round here friend boy. You goin get your business all in a trick, but I'm cryin. Baby - honey, don't you want to go? Back to the land of California - to my sweet home Chicago. Now six and two is eight - eight and two is ten, Friend boy she trick you one time, she sure goin do it again. But I'm cryin, hey, hey - baby don't you want to go? To the land of California, to my sweet home Chicago. I'm goin to California - from there to Des Moines, Iowa. Somebody will tell me that you need my help someday, cryin. Hey, hey - baby, don't you want to go? Back to the land of California - to my sweet home Chicago.
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