Johnson Robert – Walking Blues tab

this is some blues song i found on an old
45 but the middle has been punched out so
i really dont know who wrote all thats written
on it blin......lking blues
 know there numeroues "blind" bluesmen but i'm
gunna do for blind willie mctell......definatly
the coolest :)

 I play this figure style but it can easily
be done with a pick or a combination or (woot
country stylings),

 NOTE! bass notes are played with a down pick
the higher notes with an up pick :)

riff 1e -------------------------------|a --------1-1--------------------|d ------------------0h2----------|g -------------------0h2---------|b ---0-0-------0-0---------------|e -------------------------------|
riff 2e -------------------------------|a --------1-1-------3-3----------|d -------------------------------|g ---2-2-------2-2---------------|b ---3-3-------3-3---------------|e -------------------------------|
riff 3e -------------------------------|a --------3-3-------3-3----------|d -------- 2-2-------3-3---------|g ---0-0-------0-0---------------|b ---0-0-------0-0---------------|e -------------------------------|
riff 1 x4 riff 2 x2 riff 1 x2 riff 3 x2 riff 1 x2
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