Jojo – Anything tab

The High Road
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Key: A

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
A -    x02220
E -    022100
F#m -  244222
D -    xx0232
Bm -   x24432
C#m -  x46654

Intro: F#m--D--A--E-- x2,A--C#m-- x4
Verse 1: A Yo, I don't know C#m What you do when you do what you do boy A But baby baby baby baby C#m I don't even care no A more You've got me so C#m Caught up in ya spell its voodoo boy A But Baby baby baby babe C#m wanna be there for sure Refrain: A Cause every time C#m that we rendezvous I don't wanna go back A home And every time C#m that I'm holding you Ain't no way to let you A go You're shining down C#m boy the game is through Listen I don't wanna play no more A Cause the only one C#m that I want is you Tell me what you wanna do because baby Chorus: A C#m Cause I just can't stay away A There's nothing that I can do C#m And baby you can have your way A Just as long as I can have you C#m And I'd do anything baby A Do anything for ya C#m And I'd do anything baby Do anything for ya Verse 2: A Now I've been told C#m That you got you a few but you ain't sure A But Baby baby baby baby C#m You gon wanna let them go A Cause I've been sold C#m On you I don't check for dudes no more A baby baby baby baby C#m you know where ya'll wanna roll (Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Bridge: A I'm down anything C#m boy you and me It's the way you know it's supposed to A be Cause I would do C#m anything for you baby A I'm down anything C#m boy you and me Should be doin what we both A know comes naturally C#m Cause i would do anything Baby cause I (Repeat Chorus)
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