Jon Buller - Have Mercy chords

Have Mercy (Everything We Need)
Played by Jon Buller
written by Gord Johnson

Its the same cords progression throughout the whole song, just an Am, Em, F, C and G.
The Am, Em and F are played for a whole bar, then the C and G both get half of a bar.



Am In the morning Lord we do look to you
EmFor the strength we need just to make it through
F C GHave mercy
AmIn the evening Lord we look back and say
EmIt was in your strength that we made our way
F C GHave mercy
Chorus 1:
Am Em F(For) You are everything we need
C GFeed us Lord x2
Chorus 2:
Am Em FYou are everything we need
C GHeal us Lord x2
It just keeps going on like that, and you can repeat either the chorus or verse as many times as you like :) some of the lyrics are interchangeable, like you can sing "Heal us Lord" or "Feed us Lord" in the verse where the C and G are played. Just have a lil fun with it, its a fun song to play and a great song to sing haha God Bless. -Steve
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