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This Is It (You Instead Of Me)
The Strangest Day

I found this song on another website called and I absolutely love this
song so I figured I'd put it on here. Again not my work.

(Verse 1)
Because I'm playing for keeps
This time around, I'm in too deep                                 
                       Em                       F      G
To think about falling down and giving up again
           Am                                C
I want to live each day just like it was my last chance to prove
             Em                     F     G
You're all I have and that is all I need

Am                  F                  C
   This is it, it's what we're waiting for
C                  G                  Am
  This is it, it's all we're fighting for
Am                F                   C
  I finally get a chance to show the world what you have
 G                   F
done for me
   Am              F  G              Am
So let this moment be You instead of me

(Verse 2)
Am                             C
Tired and bruise, every broken bone reminds me that 
I'm far from home
                          F         G
And these scars remind me who I am
    Am                                C
But you're the one, the reason that I run
And I won't stop until you're done
                       F     G
You're the only hope I have

Am                  Em         F  G
   I've counted the cost and I know
Am      C                 Em         F      
   Everything that really matters is everything worth fighting for!

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