Jonathan Coulton - Want You Gone tab version 2

Want You Gone
Jonathan Coulton

Capo on 2nd Fret

All chords relative to Capo -- Tabs are NOT relative to Capo

Standard Tuning

Intro/verse(Capo NOT accounted for ie: the 2 on the G string is open when capo'd, etc.)
G Ce----------------------------------------|B----5---5---4--------3---3---6----------|G--2---2---2--------2---2---2------------|D----------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
G D e----------------------------------------|B----5---5---4--------3---3---6----------|G--2---2---2--------2---2---2------------|D----------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
Verse with riff G Ce----------------------------------------|B----5---5---4--------3---3---6----------|G--2---2---2--------2---2---2------------|D----------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
G D e----------------------------------------|B----5---5---4--------3---3--------------|G--2---2---2--------2---2---------------4|D---------------------------2-2-2-2-4-6--|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
listen to song for strum patterns Full Song: G C (intro) G D (intro) G C Well here we are again, G D It's always such a pleasure, G C G D(riff) Remember when you tried to kill me twice? G C Oh, how we laughed and laughed, G D Except I wasn't laughing, G C G B Under the circumstances I've been shockingly nice. E A E A You want your freedom take it, E A E A That's what I'm counting on, E A E A I used to want you dead but, C D Now I only want you gone. G C (instrumental) G D (instrumental) G C She was a lot like you, G D (Maybe not quite as heavy), G C G D(riff) Now little Caroline is in here too. G C One day they woke me up, G D So I could live forever, G C G B It's such a shame the same will never happen to you. E A E A You've got your short, sad life left, E A E A That's what I'm counting on, E A E A I'll let you get right to it, C D Now I only want you gone. G C (instrumental) G D (instrumental) G C Goodbye, my only friend, x x Oh, did you think I meant you? G C G D (riff) That would be funny if it weren't so sad, G C Well you have been replaced, G D I don't need anyone now, G C G B When I delete you maybe I'll stop feeling so bad. E A E A Go make some new disaster, E A E A That's what I'm counting on, E A E A You're someone else's problem, C D G Em Now I only want you gone. C D G Em Now, I only want you gone. C D G~ Now, I only want you gone.
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