Jonathan Davis - Slept So Long tab

Jonathan Davis - Slept So Long
Queen OF The Damned/Alone I Play/Sirius Radio Session
On A 7 String Guitar(Tuned To Standard I think)
By Brian Q.

-Verse-e-------------*-------------*---|b-------------*-------------*---|g-------------------------------|d-------------------------------|a-------------------------------|e---4-4--5-4-4----4-4--5-4-4--4-|b-0-2-2--3-2-2--0-2-2--3-2-2--2-|(Let last chord Ring)
-Chorus-e-------------------------------|b-------------------------------|g-------------------------------|d-------------------------------|a-------5-5-4-3-------9-9-3-4---|e-4-----3-3-2-1-4-----7-7-1-2-4-|b-2-(8x)--------2-(8x)--------2-|(Let last chord Ring)
-Interlube-e----b----g----d----a--4-e--4-(I Think The Guitar Player Piks This Chord the Whole Timeb--2- Then lets the chord ring out just before they go back to the chorus)
-Message me for any Question,corrections,or to let me know what you think-
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