Jonathan Edwards – Sometimes chords

Jonathan Edwards
I like the capo either 1 or 4

A beautiful tune adjusted to my abilities

Hum the intro [G] [Am7] [G] [Am7] [G] [D] [Bm] [Cm]

[G] Sometimes, in the [Am7] morning
I [G] catch a falling [D] dream
[Bm] Disappearing [Cm] scene

[G] And I think about a [Am7] someone
[G] That I will never [D]  see [G] again
[Bm] Now I’s only [Cm] me [G] again No no no [D]  oh [D7]

[G] Sometimes in the [Am7] morning
Oh I [G] think I hear a [D] phrase [G]
[Bm] Echo through the [Cm] haze

[G] And it’s just beyond my [Am7] vision
[G] Something that she [D] said one [G] night
[Bm] Before we went to [Cm] bed one [G] night

Mmmmmmmmm [G] [Am7] [G] [D] [Bm] [Cm]

[G] Sometimes in the [Am7] morning
[G] When I go back to [D] sleep [G]
[Bm] Trying hard to [Cm] keep [G]
All my [Bm] memories in [Cm] motion

[Bm] Wishing she were [Cm] here my [G] love
[Bm] Whispering in my [Cm]  ear my [G] love
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