Jonathan Lee – Oh My Soul chords

Left handed
                                          Oh My Soul

Intro: Am   G   F
Am G FI delight myself in You
Am G FYou've become my desire
Am G FReaching out for Your truth
Am G FDesperately my soul will cry
C FTo feel the rhythm of Your heart beating in mine.
C FTo see the beauty of Your eyes gazing with fire.
G COh my soul, Oh my soul cries out.
Am G FFill with my mind with Your thoughts.
Am G FFlood my face with your tears.
Am G F Cleanse me out all my thoughts
Am G FDesperately, I draw near to You, God.
Chorus: (Bridge)
Am C FYou are matchless pure and holy Oh my soul cries out, Jesus
Am C/EYou are awesome so amazing
F GOh my soul cries out
(Repeat Chorus)
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