Jonathan Richman - Egyptian Reggae tab version 1

This is a really good song when you've got the hang of it. it sounds really good if 
is someone playing the backing chords and someone playing the lead. Have fun!!!
standard tuning

    the chords-  Dm (132000)
                 Am (012200)
                 Gm?(333300){Honestly have no idea what these are called
                 Fm?(555500){Call them what you like and have fun

Dm Am Dm Ame----------------------------------|B----------------------------------|G----------------------------------|D-------0--0---------0-3-0---------| Repeat 2xA---0-3------3-0--0-3------3-0-----|E----------------------------------|
Gm Fm Gm Fme---------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------|G---------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------|A---0-3------0-3--0-3-------0-3---------|E--------3-3-6--------3-3-6-------------|
Dm Am Dm Ame------------------------|B------------------------|G--------0-0-------------|D--0-0-3-----3-0---0-----|A----------------3-------|E------------------------|
and thats it, repeat as many times as you like!!
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