Jonny Lang - Only A Man tab

			     Only a Man - Jonny Lang
Tabbed by: Brian Bergner

Tuning: Standard

D D/F# G A Bm Ce|--2----x-----3----0------2----3--------------------------------------------|B|--3----3-----3----2------3----5--------------------------------------------|G|--2----2-----0----2------4----5--------------------------------------------|D|--0----0-----0----2------4----5--------------------------------------------|A|--x----x-----2----0------2----3--------------------------------------------|E|--x----2-----3----x------x----x--------------------------------------------|
*- The A-A#-Bm is just a walk up the A'll understand when you listen to the song Verse 1: D D/F# I used to live my life in fear G D Was worried all the time D/F# From waking up to laying down G D I had no peace of mind A Bm The world became a darkened place C Bm A struggle without end G D Although bitter times those were A-A#-Bm G The days that I began to understand A D I was only a man Verse 2: I grew up singing songs in church With questions in my mind Then turned my back and ran away From God who gave me life Then one night His presence fell I wept and shook in it I fell down and cried dear, Jesus Rescue me again, I understand I am only a man And He saidÖ Chorus: G What will it be now D Will you choose Me or keep swimming up stream now Iíve been inside your head G Hearing you scream out Bm But here I am just take My hand and Iíll take out G D All of the pain, and all of the fear Outro: (Just D, D/F#, G...listen to the song for the placements) Iíll give You my burdens Iíll give you peace All of my desires Iíll give you what you need And what about these chains Lord Iíll set you free But theyíre so heavy Lay them at My feet Iíll lay them at Your feet Just promise You wonít leave Iíll never leave So where do I go from here Lord Just follow Me, just follow Me Iíll follow You, wherever You lead Wherever You leadÖ Something like that. There are hammer-ons and pull-offs I didn't write in, but they're to pick up if you listen to the song. It's pretty easy, just listen to it and you'll it pretty quick.
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