Jonsi – Tornado chords

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Artist: Jonsi
Album:  Go
Song:   Tornado
tabber: John Baer (
tabbed on 4/24/2010

Intro: (piano chords throughout: to 0:25)
F, Am (x3)

Verse 1 (continue piano chords):
F AmYou grow, you roar
F Am FAlthough disguised, I know
Chorus 1:
Am G FYouuuuuuuuuuuu
Am G FYouuuuuuu'll learn to know--oh
Verse 2:
F G AmYou grow, you grow like tornado
E7 F You grow from the inside
G Am Destroy everything through
E7 FDestroy from the inside
G AmErupt like volcaaaano
E7 FYou flow through the inside
G AmYou kill everything, throooough
E7 F You kill from the inside
Chorus 2:
Am G FYouuuuuuuuu'll...
Am G FYouuuuuuuuu'll learn to know-oh
Dm Am C GI wonder if I'm allowed ever to see
Dm Am C GI wonder if I'm allowed to ever be free
Chorus 3:
Dm AmYou sound so blue
C GYou now are gloom
Dm Am You're now so blue
C G You now are gloom
F G AmAhhhh..aaaahhhhh...
(E7 F G Am)x2 FAhhhhooooweeeoooo
F (repeat chord until 3:45) Outro verse/bridge:
Dm Am C G FI wonder if I'm allowed just ever to be?
Cheers, and Buy "Go" -John Baer
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