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Jordan Sass – You Dont Have To Remind Me tab

You  Don't Have to Remind Me  
Sass Jordan
Tabbed by Derrick

This song was recorded with a capo on the 1st fret.

Riff #1E-0----------------3---|B-2----------------0---|G-2----------------0---|D-2----------------0---|A-0—4s/5-4-2-0-2-4-2---|E-x----------------3---|
[A] Wind blows through this empty room [Bm] Like blood from an open wound [G] Shut my eyes -[D] I don't want to see [A] [A] Outside there's a big parade [Bm] Some girl she's got it made [G] Things change in the [D] time it takes to [E] breathe [D] But I can't stand to see her [E] hands on you [D] 'Cause you were my religion [G] too Chorus: You don't [D] have to re-[A] [Riff#1]mind me [G] I don't [D] need you to [A] [Riff#1]bring it home [G] You don't [D] have to re-[Bm] mind me [G] Cause every [D] night I sleep [A] alone [A] My friends all say I got nothing to lose [Bm] So what if I can pick and choose [G] Substitutes they're just a [D] waste of my time [A] [A] So here I sit in this lonely room [Bm] Just me and a lover's moon [G] Funny how [D] love can be so un-[E] kind [D] Sometimes I wish I could forget the [E] past [D] 'Cause I can't stand to see it [G] last Repeat Chorus Instrumental - A G D 2x [Bm ] I know there's [A] people who can walk upon the [E] water [Bm] So how come I'm [A] sinking like a [E] stone [F#m] You part the sea and then you [D] walk away from me [E] I don't know how much longer I can breathe (Pause) Repeat Chorus
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