Jorma Kaukonen – Song For The North Star chords

Song for the North Star
Jorma Kaukonen
QUAH (1974)

Easy song with some weird but simple chords. Sounds good in Drop D but it's not necessary.

D5 Dsus4 G G* A
D5 Dsus4 G G* A

D5 Dsus G AThey gave me money
D5 G G* Ato find the sky.
D5 E7 G* A D5And I took it with no question, didn't even ask them why.
(then play this little riff):E|--2---0--------|B|--3---2---2----|G|--2---2---3----....[G]...[A]...D|--------0------|A|---------------|E|---------------|
D5 Dsus4 G ABut days are open
D5 Dsus4 G AAnd skies are free
D5 E7And the time it took to learn that
G* A D5 Didn't leave its chains on me.
D5 Dsus4 G AI lived in shadow
D5 Dsus4 G AWay from the sun.
D5 E7And the tremblin' in my mind
G* A D5Kept my heart and body on the run.
(Improvise a fill like the ones above and end it with A)
D5 Dsus4 G AWhen freedom called us
D5 Dsus4 G ACalled out our names....
D5 E7And the beckon of the highway
G* A D5Saw through all our useless games
(fill ending in A)
D5 Dsus4 G AThe love we wanted
D5 Dsus4 G AWas lost in lies
D5 E7And the chance that slipped on by me
G* A D5Like the flashin' sorrow in her eyes
(fill ending in A)
A D5Then we took the rise together
A GFor the first time in our lives
A D5Feeling just like one suspended
A D5 A G AThen we said time won't keep our strife
D5 Dsus4 G AOur time is open
D5 Dsus4 G AFor us to see
D5 E7And our freedom schemes are open
G* A D5like the seagulls soaring at the sea
D5 E7And our freedom schemes are open
G* A D5like the seagulls soaring at the sea.
D5 x0023x Dsus4 x2003x G 23000x G* 230003 A x0222x E7 02213
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