Josh Clemons - What Child Is This tab

Hmm not entirely sure how new this song is but no tab so i'll take shot, i never tab much so ya haha.

Tuning:Drop D


e----------------|B----------------|G----------------| This a few timesD----------------|A----------------|D-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0|
Piano altermates between D5 and C5. works for guitar to. Verse-Sustained D note continues whille piano goes D5,C5,Bb5,A5
Chorus-Single Strokese--------------|e--------------|B--------------|B--------------|G---7-5---3----|G---7-5---3-5-7|D-3-7-5-7-3-5-7|D-3-7-5-7-3-5-7|A-3-5-3-7-1-5-7|A-3-5-3-7-1-3-5|D-3-x-x-7-x-5-7|D-3-x-x-7-x-x-x|
Alternates between D5 and C5
verseFirst Guitar Palmed Mutede--------|B--------|G--------|RepeatedD-0-0-0-0|A-0-0-0-0|D-0-0-0-0|
2nd Guitar Single strokese---------|B---------|G-7-5-3-2-|D-7-5-3-2-|A-5-3-1-0-|D-X-X-X-X-|
Repeat Chorus
Ending goes on for sometime like so.Also single strokes.e----------|B----------|G----------|D-5-1-8-10-|A-5-1-8-10-|D-5-1-8-10-|
End on 555xxx
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