Josh Groban - Remeber When It Rained tab

Title: Remeber When It Rained
Artist: Josh Groban

                This is the new song of Josh Groban
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Intro: F-Am-F-Am

 Am            G            C
Wash away the thoughts inside
That keep my mind 
         Em     F
away from you
 Am              G          C
No more love and no more pride
 Dm                 Em          F
And thoughts are all I have to do


Am     G    F             C
Ohhh.. remember when it rained
 Am       G                       
Felt the ground and looked up 
Dm                     G
high and called your name
 Am       G          F                       
ohhhhh..remember when it rained
   C                    G (intro)
In the darkness I remain

Am             G             C
Tears of hope run down my skin
 Dm            Em          F
Tears for you that will not dry
 Am               G        C
They magnify the one within
 Dm              Em         F
And let the outside slowly die
(repeat chorus)


Running down
Running down
Running down
Running down
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