Control chords with lyrics by Joshua Hays - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Joshua Hays – Control chords

Am FTake these chains off me
C GLet me be, Let me be
Am FBreak these walls down
C GSet me free, Set me free
Am FAll this pain I feel
C GWont tear me down, wont tear me down
Am FI've been set free
C GYou rescued me, You rescued me
Am F I'm taking control
C of this life I live
GTo you I give
AmThis life in pieces
FThese walls are shattered
C GIm taking control, I'm taking control
AmOf this mess i've made
FIn you im safe
C GI'm taking control, I'm taking control
Am FThese walls are breaking down
Cbut in you i'm found
GThe earth is shaking
AmBut your love is sound
FWe don't deserve your grace
Oh in Jesus Christ [Outro]
AmAll these chains are gone
FAll these walls knocked down
CI've been set free
GYou rescued me
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