Joshua Radin – Wanted chords

Artist: Joshua RadinSong: Wanted (New)Album: The Rock And The Tide (2010)tabbed by: necriononguitare-mail (No freakin SPAM!):
REAL FANS SUPPORT BANDS BY PURCHASING THEIR CDS!!! . = Palm-Muted ~ = hold note ^ = vibrate p = pull off h = hammer on / = slide up \ = slide down * = harmonic Tuning: Standard Capo 4 (chords are realtive to the capo :D) *Drums* C C
C AmWe're like a painting and now it's raining down
F C GWatch the colors run till we're almost one
C AmWatch us fading, from this one street town
F C GWe'll sleep where we follow no where at all
F G And everyone wants something
F G CWell I'm wanted by everyone but you
C AmWell I've been thinking about the bells with wine
F C G Can't you see how time doesn't count at all
C AmWe've been sinking', thumbs to the sky
F C GSing this lullaby, if you start to fall
F G See everyone wants something
F G CWell you're wanted by everyone, but you
F C G AmAnd sometimes I need the light
F C G Am To sleep alone on this weary night
F C G Am Am And you own the sun, you own the sky
F GAnd everyone wants something
F G C CWell if we're wanted, it's by everyone but you
C AmI watch you sleeping', in your parents bed
F C GNear the books you've read, underneath the shroud of forgiveness
C Am F C G You look around the crowd, hear the stories loud so stand up now cause,
F G Everyone wants something
F G C C C CAnd if they're wanted, it's by everyone but you
Oh and if ur wondering what those 2 notes the guitar is always playing are, its this:E-----------------------------------|B-----------------------------------|G-----13-----13------13-----13------|D-----------------------------------|A--14-----14------14-----14---------|E-----------------------------------|
and that's it! I hope this helped, please rate, comment and correct me! Cheers...
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