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Joyce Manor – Im Always Tired chords

I'm pretty sure these are the chords. 


Chord diagrams

NOTE: With the C/G/A chords, you can use the standard shape too, but I prefer just using the power chord version, it's your choice which one you use, they both sound good.
G Em C A F
e|-3-----(3)--5--1-------------------------------------------------------|B|-3-----(3)--5--1-------------------------------------------------------|G|-4------5---6--2-------------------------------------------------------|D|-5--2---5---7--3-------------------------------------------------------|A|-5--2-- 3---7--3-------------------------------------------------------|E|-3--0-------5--1-------------------------------------------------------|
GI'm always tired.
I'm always at least half asleep.
Em CBlemish and state how I don't feel great now.
GI don't hang out in her hair.
I don't wonder if she cares.
Em CI lay awake now, I entertain my plans
A CTo one day miraculously be talkative and likable,
A CTo wake up as someone else, someone I know is inside of me,
A C Just waiting to be put to use by something much more sharp than us.
A C FThey pry out every fucking piece and still they're coming around again.
EmThey're coming around again.
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