Joyce Manor – Last You Heard Of Me chords


[Verse 1]
D G D Am C GFound myself down at the Alibi
D G D Am C GFor the second time this year
D G D Am C GWrote my song down, gave it to the guy
D G D Am C AmThen went to grab another beer
C G D G D AmSonia's going to the parking lot
C G D G D AmProbably gonna smoke some weed
C G D G D AmI'd go with but I don't touch the stuff
D GUnless I wanna go to sleep
[Verse 2]
D G D Am C GYou step outside to have a cigarette
D G D Am C EmSmokers crowd into the street
D Em D Am C AmDigging through your purse for matches when
D G For a second our eyes meet
D G D Am [Chorus]
C G D G D AmAnd in the moment I see everything
C G D G D AmStart to finish, sad defeat
C Em D Em D AmShivering, lying naked next to you
C G D Em Bm GAnd that's the last you heard of me
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