Joyce Manor – Catalina Fight Song chords

ESunken city by the ocean
EYou could each the seventh grade
BDo you think because you chose to?
BYou always
EFell in love the way youre supposed to, at the target inside of the mall
BFear of what you weren't exposed to.There's no way
ETo keep in touch with certain people. You wonder how long something could last.
BPretty sure most people don't think about that. Who the fuck's laughing now?
ESunken city by the ocean. Car smells like hot Gatorade
BDo you think because you chose to? Do you think things are different because you think they are?
ENever really had a drug phase. So you think you're fucking miserable now?
BFor the Catalina fight song-= you always
Lead after "who the fuck's laughing now":e|--------------------------7---6-----------------|B|-------7-7-4----------------7---7---------------|G|-----4-------4-6------------------8-6-8-4-------|D|-4-6-------------(x2)---------------------(x2)--|A|------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------|
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