Jra – Take My Hand chords

This is what I got off watching it.

**Capo 4**

Chords used Am C Em7 D/F# Cmaj7 GE---0-----0-----3-----2-----3-----3-----|B---1-----1-----3-----3-----3-----3-----|G---2-----0-----0-----2-----0-----0-----|D---2-----2-----2-----0-----2-----0-----|A---0-----3-----2-----0-----3-----2-----|E---0-----3-----0-----2-----0-----3-----|
Strumming patternD-D*-U*--U-D-UAt the * he hammers on/off when playing the B string on Am and the high E string of the D/F#
Intro: Am C Em7 D/F# x2Verse:
Am CThis is unfamiliar
Em7 D/F#but I feel my heart yearning for more
Am CI've been through some battles
Em7 D/F#but I realize what I'm fighting for
Am See I was been running in circles
Cleft with no one to find
Em7left with no expectations
D/F#because love was unkind
Am C'til we found we
Em7 D/F#and made me believe
Am CThis love's like a star that fell from the sky
Em7 D/F#and now I see it burning in your eyes
Amthere's no holding back
Cit's all or nothing or at all
Em7 D/F#it's time for you and i to break down the walls
Am Ccause it feels like a dream come true
Em7 D/F#I found all the answers when I found you
Am C Em7 D/F#my love my love love love
Repeat for Verse 2/Chorus again Cmaj7 G D/F# Bridge:
Cmaj7 G D/F# just take my hand, we have the whole entire world to be free x3
Cmaj7 G D/F#just take my heart, the world is ours to be free
Repeat Chorus...
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