Jt Hodges – Hunt You Down chords


Tune ½ step down

(C F) x2

I (C) came up river on a gravel (F) barge from New Orleans
She was (C) standing on the cobblestones in a (F) pair of cut off jeans
I (C) asked what she was doin', she said (F) "Sugar, I'm killin' time"
Then I (C) handed her my wallet and said, (F) "Baby, so am I"
(C F) x2

She (C) said "You might need these" and then (F) handed me her shades
(C) Took me to a barroom darker (F) than the ace of spades
I (C) asked "What's this we're drinkin'?" She said (F) "Call it Smokey Blues"
Couldn't (C) tell you what it tasted like, but I (F) know I had a few

And we (C) danced and we laughed, never (F) talked about tomorrow
We just (C) lived a little in the here and (F) now
With her (C) hands in my hair, like a (F) million magic fingers
She said (C) "Look me up when you get back to (F) town"
"Look you up," I said, "Hell, I'm gonna (C) hunt you down." (F C F)

She (C) asked where I was comin' from
I (F) said "I'm just comin' round, how 'bout (C) you?"
Then she drove me to the highest (F) hill in Germantown
"My daddy's (C) money bought the mansion, they threw (F) in the plane for free"
She (C) said, "I can drop you off anywhere or (F) you can stay with me."


Last (C) night I saw a falling star dive (F) straight into the river
And I (C) thought about that girl in (F) GermantownI've gotta hunt her down
Chorus (C F) repeat until end
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