Judds – Have Mercy tab

 Have Mercy by The Judds

Riff G chord--------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------|---4H5--4--2--2--4--2--2--2--4--------------------------|---0------0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------|
A chord-------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------|---4H5--4--2--2--4--2--2--2--4-------------------------|---0------0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0-----------------------|-------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------|
G chord
-----------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------|---4H5--4--2--2--4--2--2--2--4----4--3--2--1---------------|(Hold Last note)---0------0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0---------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------|
H - Hammer on Verse: (D G D A) 2 X Chorus: (D G D A) 2x Have mercy on me ...... Intro Riff Verse: Chorus: Intro Riff Verse Chorus: Intro Riff Its easier to tab like the above, if you need the lyrics here they are: Have Mercy I was standing in line at the city bus stop Soaked to the skin from ev'ry rain drop I see you driving by just like a phantom jet With your arm around some little brunette You say you won't be home because you're working late Honey, I'm no fool, you've been out on a date The lipstick on your collar gives the game away It's strawberry red and mine's pink rose (Chorus) Have mercy on me You treat me so bad I'm in misery It's breaking my heart, can't you see Baby, baby have mercy on me Well I called you up on the telephone I could hear you was playin' Haggard and Jones I knew right then that there was something wrong There's only one reason you play cheatin' songs (Repeat Chorus) Went to the bank with my little check book The cashier he gave me the strangest look He said you ain't got no money 'cause you're over drawn Your man took it all and he's done gone (Repeat Chorus)
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