Judds – Turn It Loose chords

TURN IT LOOSE       The Judds

F# 1.) Some call it country with a little bit of rymthm & blues
2.) When you feel like dancing and you just can't stay in your seat. And when the boys start rockin' there's a beat that you just can't lose Your knees start knocking and you can't help stomping your feet
BWhere it's gonna take us nobody knows
Before you know it you'll be singing along
C# F#It sure feels good to the body and the soul. go to chorus
Makes me wanna stay here all night long. go to chorus CHORUS:
F# E C#I love the slide of the steel guitar
F# E C# I love the moan of an old blues harp
F# E C#I love the shake of a tambourine
F# E C#I love the bass when it's low and mean
B F# E E B F#So put on your shouting shoes and turn it loose
F#And turn it loose.
chords F# E E B F#
chords F# E E B F#chorus to end.
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